Like probably many other people in their late 40's, last year I thought about what is really important to me and what I could expect from the second half of my life. I already worked for 20 years and if everything runs smoothly I will spent another 20 years in business. I had a dream position in Marketing, a relationship and a lot of good friends, so nothing to complain about. However, I was not really happy. Something was missing. Among other things a plan for the time after retirement. Something that would be good for me and others, and that I still could enjoy while getting old.

The idea was born to create and run my own business and to organize events under the theme move-relax-enjoy. Of course, the business needed a name. What could be easier than to use my intials: dpm (Dr. Petra Maass).

Through my job in Marketing I have more than 20 years experience in organizing events. Having taurus as zodiacal sign I am a natural bon vivant and an expert in enjoying life. What else? The competence for the move and relax part was still missing. I am really happy that I could convince Tina Ochs, my QiGong trainer, to join the project. She does not only have longstanding experience in this field, but a natural sense for the needs of people and a talent to make them feel better. So, the idea of organising events under the theme move.relax.enjoy turned into a collaborative project of >dpm and TaijiDao.

But this is not the end, there are plenty of other ideas that just wait to be put into action. One plan: To practise QiGong on the weekends either in Ingelheim or other nice places on the river Rhine.

Are you interested? You will find more information under events.